Tempe-based Purification LLC co-founder Nick Knudsen sells UVC lights

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Tempe-based Purification LLC co-founder Nick Knudsen sells UVC lights

He saw the restaurants and bars he built and owned slowly shutter in the wake of COVID-19.

But when structural engineer Nick Knudsen set out to find a solution to keep his establishments open, he ended up creating an answer for many more battling to stay afloat. Along with business partner Korey Boals, he came up with a plan.

“He said, ‘Let’s try and save everybody.’ I said, ‘Sounds like a great idea,’” Knudsen recalled of his conversation with Boals that resulted in Purification LLC, the Tempe business they founded in 2020, that produces and installs lights that kill airborne pathogens using CDC-approved UVC bulbs.

The technology harnesses UVC power to disinfect air and surface contaminants and reduce spore activation. Knudsen’s connections in the food and beverage industry were eager to add the lights to their establishments in hopes those would facilitate opening safely. Then, dentists’ and doctor’s offices came calling. 

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