Natalac & Mikhail Muhammad sends ‘Positive Vibes’ into the Rap World

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Natalac & Mikhail Muhammad sends ‘Positive Vibes’ into the Rap World

The lyrics are straight to the point (“We gotta make it out We gotta work it out, Brother”). This song also notably includes a feature from Nubians United for Self Defense Overseer Mikhail Muhammad formally of the New Black Panther Party speaking to the essence and direction of making Afro Americans to look inside themselves first for your own growth saying  — “Rise up Black man, Rise up Black Woman it is our time” — a call for urgency to stand up and man up. (Natalac and Mikhail Muhammad claims that growth 1st must come from self initiative to enhance your own life; these two men have a relationship dating back to the 2012- 2013 protests for the slain youth Trayvon Martin & the New Black Panther Party 10,000.00 bounty for the capture of George Zimmerman who killed the unarmed teenager).

“Positive Vibes” also arrives with a music video, Directed by Columbia, South Carolina CSE Musik owner & co-owner Crush & Javier. The video features Natalac relishing a everyday Hood neighborhood lifestyle filled expressing positive vibes. Also featured, business owners of 50 plus years in business James McKenzie of Washington Estates Barber Shop & Mary Jackson of Dr. Mary Jackson’s Hair Repair Center businesses located side by side on Soutel Drive. These 2 role models are pillars of the Sherwood Forest neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida of Duval County. Also featured: Black Lives Matter, Prime Time Food Store on Norfolk & B&SUN Arts and Culture Center on Myrtle ave.

Natalac‘s most recent album, Pimp of the Nation released by Natalac Records label on Presidents Day February 18th 2018 featuring Sean Paul, Ying Yang Twins, Tweed Cadillac, La Chat, Project Pat,  Foolio, Eldorado Red Professor Hoetester etc. Natalac usually releases an project / album every 2 to 3 years since his humbling beginnings in the 1990’s.  So be on the lookout for Natalac teasers leading up to his 12th album Love & Pimp-Hop. Until then Feel Some Positive Vibes.

12th album Love & Pimp-Hop Releases June 20th 2021
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