Why Netflix movie ‘Stowaway’ is a trip you won’t want to tag along for

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Why Netflix movie ‘Stowaway’ is a trip you won’t want to tag along for

It’s the old existential question: Why do bad movies happen to good actors?

The reasons vary — scripts change, directors don’t share the actors’ visions, studio executives meddle, actors slum for a payday, whatever. But all that’s inside baseball. What matters is what ends up on the screen.

And what ends up there with “Stowaway,” which streams on Netflix on April 22, just isn’t good.

This despite the talented cast: Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, Daniel Dae Kim and Shamier Anderson. But in director Joe Penna’s film, about a manned mission to Mars marred by an accidental stowaway, the story is what lets them down. Penna and Ryan Morrison wrote the script, which pays a lot more attention to the literal nuts and bolts of trying to salvage the two-year mission than to the psychological and emotional effects on the crew.

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