PHS Marching Band needs uniforms

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June 11, 2021
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June 11, 2021
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PHS Marching Band needs uniforms

New clothes make you feel better, right?

Well, it’s time for members of Payson High’s marching band to feel better.

Longhorn Marching Band Director Alan Simpson said it’s time after more than a decade of handing down the same uniforms to new members each year.

“They’re frayed and getting worn and just in need of replacement,” Simpson said. “They’re pretty outdated. They’re over 10 years old and we’re looking to stay competitive with other schools in our area. I believe in the motto ‘Look good, feel good.’”

Simpson said it’ll cost $35,000 for 75 new uniforms.

“The school is helping and we do have some (money) already,” he said. “I’m not sure how much the school is going to be able to put in, but (PHS Principal) Mr. (Jeff) Simon said, ‘Fund raise what you can and we’ll see what we can do about the rest.’ So, Mr. Simon has been very supportive.”

The band held a sparsely attended fundraising concert at Green Valley Park on June 4. Some members of the community have made donations, as well.

But they need to raise more money.

The Longhorn Marching Band also performed its final concert of the school year at Green Valley Park on May 20.

“We really like using Green Valley Park when our auditorium is closed and the town has been very helpful,” Simpson said. “It’s a beautiful park and people can spread out and enjoy fresh air, so it’s a really nice venue.”

Simpson said donations can still be made to the PHS band at the high school bookstore.

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