Meet WowGrandma78, the grandma-gamer who loves ‘World of Warcraft’

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Meet WowGrandma78, the grandma-gamer who loves ‘World of Warcraft’

She has six children, nine grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and more than 30,000 followers on Twitch. Meet WowGrandma78, an Arizona woman who’s streaming her way into the hearts of World of Warcraft lovers nationwide.

The technology buff began playing World of Warcraft shortly after building her first computer for fun in 1998, but she didn’t start streaming her video gameplay until 2020.

“I wasn’t sure why anyone would want to watch an older person play a game but once I got going I never looked back,” said the 78-year-old gamer, who turns 79 this March.

Being an older adult streaming their gameplay online comes with its challenges. So for security reasons, she prefers not to disclose her full name and goes by herhandle instead. You can find her on the streaming service Twitch at She plays World of Warcraft live from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. MST every day.

“I have not missed one day since I started,” she said.

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