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The Forum isn’t about Charlie...
It’s more about those strange questions he asks.

Charlie Seraphin has deep roots in broadcasting. He started as a teenager at his hometown station in rural northern Wisconsin and worked his way to vice president, general manager of the CBS owned FM station in Los Angeles. He managed major CBS news operations in San Francisco and Dallas, and has done hundreds of interviews with interesting guests from Barbara Bush and Ronald Reagan to Yogi Berra and Vidal Sasoon.

His second career was in professional sports. Charlie held senior sales and marketing executive positions for teams in MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS. He was a college professor and he lived with monks at a New Mexico monastery. His travels include a year in London during college and another year on the island of Ibiza in the Mediterranean seven years later. (They use bread as bait and catch multiple fish on one line.) But The Forum isn’t about’s more about those strange questions he asks.

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The Forum

The Forum An interactive forum for issues in Rim Country and beyond. Guests and callers discuss their agreements and disagreements in an honest and open manner. Forum guests run the gamut--academics, politicians, astronomers, homeless shelter volunteers, entertainers, and business executives. Interesting people, thoughtful questions--stimulating. The Forum, a great listening experience. Check it out!

The Book In his spare time he’s an author. Charlie is set to publish his second book on decisions. Five star rated One Stupid Mistake has outstanding reviews on Amazon

Your Personal Brand--No Secrets Charlie’s second book, is a behavioral workbook for becoming your best you. It’s a light hearted, thought provoking series of exercises designed to help you better reflect on who you are and why you’re here. It’s out for edit and Charlie’s shooting for a spring publication date. We’ll let you know when you can get an advance copy.

One Stupid Mistake by Charlie

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