Museum Flood Area: evening update

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Calls grow for Minn. state rep. to step down amid scandals
July 20, 2021
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July 20, 2021

Museum Flood Area: evening update

Museum Flood Area: evening update

Below is a summary of today’s activities by the Coconino County Flood Control District and City of Flagstaff related to the Museum Flood Area.

Storm Activity: The National Weather Service is forecasting increased thunderstorm activity with a particularly increased chance of significant rainfall Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Thunderstorm cells missed the Museum burn scar today. 

Sandbag Operations: 3,200 sandbags were produced and delivered to both the stations and to supply sandbagging placement operations for the elderly and disabled.  

Flood Mitigation Site Assessments: Additional engineering resources have been secured to assist with performing flood mitigation site assessments. There is a currently a backlog so please be patient as we respond to requests. Please request a site assessment by contacting the Call Center if you are experiencing one or more of the following: 

  • Floodwater has overtopped your sandbags or other mitigation measures 
  • The flow of floodwater was not mitigated by your current sandbag walls 
  • Mitigation employed by adjacent property owners is impacting your home 

Public Infrastructure Assessment: The City of Flagstaff is conducting ongoing assessments of the public infrastructure impacted by the flooding and have identified 91 sites. The damage to these sites has an estimated damage (plus labor and equipment) of $2.9 million.   

Flood Impact Assessment Update: 108 private property flood impact assessments have been completed, 45 of which were reporting interior damage, 38 reporting exterior damage, and 25 reporting interior and exterior. The cost estimate to date is $1.13 million. If your home has been impacted on the interior by flooding, then please report the impacts by calling the Museum Flood Area Call Center at 928-679-8525.   

Operations: Crews are making good progress on responding to elderly and disabled site assessments and debris removal or sandbag requests. The work will continue tomorrow. 

  • At Arroyo Seco, crews realigned barriers 
  • “Road Closed” signs were installed at Grandview and Paradise – local traffic only 
  • Crews conducted Dortha and Main mitigation reinforcement 
  • Linda Vista culvert – removed trash rack/grate to do dredging/clean out upstream and downstream of the channel 
  • Crews in Mount Elden Estates completed a major culvert installation to restore access to a home and are continuing to monitor for additional activity. They also focused efforts on cleaning debris from the channel near the Forest Service boundary.  
  • Water hauling services have been secured to support with dust mitigation.  

National Guard: The National Guard Engineering and Operations team will be arriving in the area tomorrow and will be ready for deployment by Thursday.  

Neighborly Behavior: Coconino County and the City of Flagstaff will be communicating to the public that they should not be visiting Museum Flood Area neighborhoods and that visiting the area kicks up dust and prevents crews from efficiently working on their clean-up efforts.  

Below is important information for residents of the Museum Flood Area and those who experienced monsoonal flooding:  

SHELTER IN PLACE: During flood events, residents should shelter in place. Have a Stay Kit ready. 

DEBRIS ON PROPERTY: If you have debris on your property, then you should move the debris to the street if you are able — only when the water has stopped flowing. This will help County and City Public Works crews remove the debris with their heavy equipment.  

PARKED CARS: If you live on one of the streets that has debris as a result of the flood, then please do not park your car on the streets.  

TRACK WEATHER: For the latest Museum Fire scar weather conditions and NWS notifications please visit 


MUSEUM FLOOD AREA CALL CENTER: The Call Center will be operational daily. Hours of operation may shift depending on any weather events that may occur. The number is 928-679-8525.   


STAY IN TOUCH: Coconino County and the City of Flagstaff are providing updates on our websites and social media:, and |

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